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Aquatic Specialist Aquatic Specialist Aquatic Specialist


We have over 20 years combined experience within the fish farming and aquatics industry. The Aquatic Maintenance business was established in 2003 and we opened a retail outlet in Bournemouth in 2013.


What do we do?

  • The complete Aquatic Service from design, installation, stocking and long term maintenance.Marine Aquarium
  • Specialize in providing quality aquariums either bespoke or off the shelf. We cater for both commercial and residential locations throughout Dorset and Hampshire.
  • In addition to this we offer a maintenance service to keep your pond, aquarium or water feature in pristine condition. We maintain over 50 aquariums and countless ponds along the south coast. Our clients include Poole NHS trust, several schools, Doctors surgery’s, jewellers, hotels, nurseries, nursing homes and many private customers.
  • Investigate fish health and water quality problems with use of specialist equipment.
  • Retail outlet which supplies a great section of dry goods and live stock.


The Shop


1383784_10153278198455072_1285547110_nThe shop stocks a range of products for both ponds and aquariums. We have on offer a great selection of Marine, Tropical and Cold water fish. There is also a nice selection of corals and we already have a selection of freshwater shrimps and snails. We will be stocking products from well known companies such as Tropical Marine Centre (TMC), Tetra, Sera, Aqua One, NT Labs and many more.





OPENING TIMES :                                                       

Monday                         12 pm – 5 pm

Tuesday                       12 pm – 5 pm

Wednesday                 12 pm – 5 pm                                                 

Thursday                      12 pm – 5 pm

Friday                            10.00 am – 5 pm

Sat                                 10.00 am – 5 pm

Sunday                         10.00 am – 2 pm


The Staff:

Richard started fish keeping at the tender age of seven with a goldfish called ‘Goldie’. On finishing his A levels Richard moved to South Wales to work on a group of trout farms. The following year he moved back to Bournemouth and commuted daily to Weymouth to work on a trout hatchery. This hatchery had very good links with both Sterling University and Trouw Aquaculture and where evolved in a number of feed, antibiotic and photoperiod trails. Two very interesting years were spent at the hatchery before a change of direction towards ornamental fish management.

The next two years were spent studying at Sparsholt College in Hampshire. During his time at Sparsholt he obtained a work placement at Bournemouth Oceanarium. On leavening Sparsholt with his National Diploma in Aquatics he started work at an aquatic centre near Wimborne, Dorset. Just over two years were spent managing live stock, maintenance contacts and customers before moving to a Maidenhead Store in Havant, Hampshire. 15 months at Maidenheads gave him a real insight into how the largest aquatic chain in the U.k works and valuable experience with large commercial systems. 12 years ago he left Maidenheads to set up his own business and this has grown ever since. In 2015 he started teaching Aquatics part-time at Sparsholt College to the new generation of the industry hopefuls.

Kyle is a keen hobbyist. He joined the business in the summer of 2014. Previously he has worked for both Pampered Pets and Pets at Home. At present he works mainly in our retail outlet.


Please contact us for all your needs and we will be happy to help